Oops, I Spoke Too Soon

Normally I wouldn’t dedicate a whole post to some snow falling during the month of April here in Toronto, because we usually do get a bit during the first half of the month. I wouldn’t even post about it based on the fact that the amount that fell was significant for this late into the year. No, the reason you get to hear about the weather today is that last night the temperatures fell to -6. That is quite remarkable and the coldest it has been on this date since 1980. A first in 34 years merits a post of its own.










These shots were taken yesterday morning which means I was jumping the gun when rejoicing about the arrival of spring last week (here). Good thing we didn’t put away the woolly scarves, hats and gloves.

Thank you for dropping by. I hope it’s a little warmer where you are.
xo loulou

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DIY : Coloured Feather Gift Decorations


These feather gift decorations are quick to make with coloured feathers (that you can find where you buy craft supplies) and some curling ribbon or string. They are a fun way to dress up a present and depending on what colours you choose, will suit any occasion.

I’ve been making these for years now after I picked up a couple of bags of coloured feathers way back when, to make the thank you cards after our wedding. I had some feathers left over and stored them with the gift wrapping supplies. One thing lead to another and presto … Feather Gift Decorations were born.




Basically, all you do is gather a few feathers together, tie some ribbon or string tightly around their stems, and curl the ribbon or tie a bow. Note: These might not be suitable for very little children as the feathers can easily be pulled out since they’re not glued in.

You can match the decoration to the gift wrap you’re using or to the gift that’s inside.



Or go monochrome …


They are reusable and if made with string they are crushable (aka mailable) too.

diy-gift-decoration-coloured-feathers gift wrapping


Here’s a tip for when you give a bottle of something special as a gift to someone hosting a party — remember to attach a gift-tag to it, because inevitably when you go to a party your gift of a bottle won’t be the only one received and there is no way a host will remember who brought what at the end of the evening, unless you attach a note.

And while you’re attaching that gift-tag, why not put a feather on it? (For a laugh -> Portandia – Put a Bird on It)



And extending into real life :

This gift below was for my friend Andrea for her birthday in February. See the post about her fun robot-themed party here




And the crocheted flower gift was for my friend Julie.


Here she is wearing it shortly after unwrapping it during this double date we had with her and her man Guy.

The yellow present with the party hat wrapping paper contains something I made for their daughter, with the yarn I bought during here shopping trip. I’ll show you what it is next week.

Thanks for checking out my post. Let me know if you make a feather decoration for a gift you give to someone.
xo loulou

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