Songbirds in the Garden : Some House Finches Come to Visit


Look who might be nesting somewhere near to our place this spring — these are House Finches!

I’ve seen them once or twice in previous years, but they’re not all that common around here. Then, these past few days, I’ve seen this pair at least once a day. They chirp a very distinct song, so I hear them before I see them. Then I scan the trees until I finally find the flash of red. They’re tiny, only about 4 inches long, so they’re not that easy to see among the branches.

The red one is the male.



They seem to enjoy the Forsythia flower buds,



The female is a rather plain looking brown, but she’s cute nonetheless.



The story about how House Finches came to be here in Toronto is an interesting one. Beginning in the 1940s, they were brought to New York City from their native home in Mexico and southern United States, and were being sold as pets in cages. They were nicknamed ‘Hollywood Birds’, I guess because that sounded glamorous. But keeping them in cages and selling them was against the ‘migratory bird treaty act’, so their captors released them in order to avoid facing fines. So, left to fly free, they adapted to the environment and began to expand their area. They made it to Toronto by the late 80s.

I hope these two stick around all summer, and that I’ll get to see their babies. Of course, I’ll show you if I do.


Thanks for taking a look. I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou

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Lunch in the Market : Templeton’s Cafe


Just before Easter, when I wrote about going to a new-to-me shop in Kensington Market, called Good Egg (here) I mentioned that we’d had lunch with Andrea that same day. We went to a place called Templeton’s Cafe, at 319 Augusta Avenue. Nick and I had been there before, last summer, when we took some friends who were visiting from out of town (shown here). That time we’d sat outside on their patio drinking beer. It was a good time and the experience left me wanting to come back and try out the food sometime. So that’s where we went for a late lunch on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Now I almost don’t want to write about the place and keep it all to myself, because it’s pretty small and I imagine it fills right up. We were able to get a table because we went at an odd time, and even then all the tables filled up quickly.

I loved the decor (just look at those paint colours), the pitchers of Sangria and the delicious food. They played excellent music while we were there too.









Templeton’s is relaxed and fun, and the prices are very good. It was the perfect place to go with a couple of my favourite people in the whole wide world.



Thanks for checking out my post.
xo loulou

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