Drugstore Beauty Department Haul


A few posts back I mentioned that our local drugstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, was having a ‘spend your points’ event in their Beauty Department. This is where people who collect points at Shoppers could redeem some and get a higher return, if they used them to get cosmetics or fragrances. So, during that particular weekend you could get more free stuff than usual! Since I usually save the points that we earn by buying many of our everyday items at this store, I went over to have a wee shopping spree.

I’ve really gotten into watching Beauty Vlogs lately, (my favourites being Lisa Eldridge and Essie Button), so had a little list of products I’d seen mentioned, that I wanted to try out.

But that list kind of went out the window when I saw that they had some Chanel Number 5 Perfumed Dusting Powder in stock.

To make a long story short, I love the smell of Chanel Number 5 and have previously used my Shoppers points to buy the Eau de Cologne. But I had to go all the way over at Yonge Street and Charles to find it, and that’s pretty far from my home in the Queen Street West neighbourhood. That’s because not all Shoppers stores carry Chanel products. I was told that Chanel is very particular about who carries their products, and only some Shoppers Drug Marts make the cut. Apparently, the sales reps for the brand personally inspect each location for cleanliness and style, and only those that pass can stock Chanel products.

So, I had found the cologne at that one store, but they didn’t have the powder. Then a new Shoppers opened in our neighbourhood and while they carried Chanel, they also didn’t have the powder. And I wanted the powder! Have you ever tried a perfumed powder (which is for your body, not your face, in case you’re wondering)? They are quite lovely, especially during the summer (which I await with bated breath).

And now, as you can see, I found the sought after powder.




That used up $72 of the $90 worth of goods I could get with my points, so I was left with a little for a few cosmetic items.

First, I picked up some cream concealer to replace a tube I’d recently finished. It’s one that I hadn’t tried before, Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I got the light shade.

It does the job and leaves a nice finish, so I’m happy with it.


Next, I wanted some neutral eye shadow. I have lots of coloured and gray shadows, but not much in the way of beigy-brown neutrals. After seeing them used to make beautiful not-too-dark smokey-eye looks on the Vlogs, I wanted to try them out myself. So I got the Maybelline Expert Wear Pallet in Natural Smokes. The sticker says it’s a new colour combination. I find the guideline provided, for what goes where, to be very handy and really liked the look I got when I tried it out.



Finally, also influenced by the Beauty Vlogs, I wanted to try out some Primer, that is meant to be worn under foundation. I know I mentioned in my last post about make-up, that I don’t often wear foundation, but I do have some and am now curious to see if the reason I wasn’t keen on it was because I didn’t use a primer first. If you too have not tried using primer, it is pretty neat. The Rimmel Lasting Finish that I got is comfortable to wear and really gives your skin a nice smooth finish. The package says it can be worn alone but I think I’ll stick to using it with foundation.


As I mentioned, I had a list of some other make-up things I’d like to try, but didn’t get during this shopping trip, so it might not be too long until I have another Beauty Department Haul post up. Hopefully I’ll have some brighter colours for you in that post, than I do in this rather uncolourful one!

Thanks for checking out my blog,
xo loulou

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A Visit with my Parents and Their Cute Dog


I’ve just been north visiting my mom and dad. It was, without doubt, the coldest holiday I’ve ever taken, although I was in very warm-hearted company.

I traveled by bus and stayed for 5 nights, while Nick stayed home with Eddie the cat.

On the evening of my arrival, there were reservations for dinner at a nice restaurant, one of my favourites anywhere. That’s where this shot of my dad was taken.


The shot of my mom was taken the next morning, when she and I went to a weekly Artisan Market, where lovely handmade items are sold, along with a variety of prepared foods and fresh produce.

I posted about this market before (here). Then, we went during the summer so everything was outside, but this time things were moved indoors.

I had bought some lavender soap the last time, from a maker called Beach Baby Bath and Body. I loved the soap so when I saw that the artisan was there again, I made a bee-line for her booth. This time I picked up a solid lotion bar, again with the scent of lavender. The picture of my mom (above) was taken at the market.


For lunch we skipped the standard choices and had a piece of the beautiful Carrot and Pineapple layer cake, with cream cheese icing, that my mother had made.

Then in the afternoon, she and I went thrift shopping. They have the best things in their thrift stores, with better prices than we have here in Toronto, so I always try to fit an excursion in while I’m there. I ended up with some great stuff, including some rare plates that were being sold for a mere dollar a piece. Amazing!

Since I was travelling by bus though, I couldn’t bring anything home with me, so it’s all safely tucked inside my mom’s closet awaiting a time we drive up in the car.

On Sunday evening we watched the Academy Awards. We lost track of time while we were preparing dinner, so decided to pull up some cushions and eat in front of the tv.  It was fun.


I share my love of vintage kitchenware with my parents. Oh, and evidently, my love of cheese too!  Here we had a choice of Asiago, Mozzarella and old cheddar to sprinkle overtop our pasta.


After a morning spent lingering over really good coffee and a stack of magazines (my mom has some great subscriptions) on Monday morning, we headed out to a store called Marshall’s where I helped mom pick out some new boots.

Then, that evening we went for a casual dinner at a pub they like. My dad took a pass on going out though.

I had Fish Tacos for the first time. I’d heard that they were delicious, and I’ve been wanting to try some, so my mind was made up quickly when I found them on the menu. My mother had the same. And they were very good.


On the way home we stopped to take a picture of this new hand-knit scarf that someone had tied to a post, with a note saying that it was free for anyone to take. Apparently this kind-hearted soul, whoever they may be, has been doing that all winter.


On Tuesday I wanted to check out the waterfront, with the intention of walking out on the frozen lake to take a look at the ice-fishing huts that were out there. But it was way too cold for such a trek, so we took a quick look at some ice sculptures and a light house made from snow, which has an actual light inside of it that shines at night.




We sought some warmth in a restaurant that serves crepes. Mine had mushrooms and cheese in it. To drink I had some hot cider.


That evening we noticed that many of the movies that won an Academy Award were being streamed on their Pay-Per-View cable service, so we watched ‘The Theory of Everything’, the movie about Stephen Hawking, that won best actor for Eddie Redmayne.

No telling of a visit to their home would be complete without some  shots of Kiki, so here she is. She is a rescued Deer Chihuahua, who was abandoned after she was no longer wanted for breeding purposes. Now she has found a very loving home with my parents and is thoroughly enjoying her retirement.




^ You can sure see why she’s called a ‘Deer Chihuahua’ in the picture on the left ^


I went home on Wednesday afternoon, to find my boys, both human and feline, had missed me.

Thanks for checking out the play-by-play of my mini vacay. I hope you’ve had a good week too.
xo loulou

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