Close But Yet So Far

This is an impromptu post inspired by a few minutes of grabbing my ipad and sitting in a sunbeam with my coffee this morning. My favourite fashion blog, (aside from that of my online-friend Style Marmalade) is The Sartorialist. I’m sure many of you also love this blog, where a photographer with a fantastic eye for style, takes pictures of everyday people out on the streets of a wide range of cities. His photography is great and I really like to see what real people are wearing when they’re out and about.

But his post from yesterday afternoon particularly caught my eye. Why? Because the photo is of a pretty girl in Paris who is wearing almost the same outfit I wore the other day when I wore the new scarf I made and my new(ish) coat, seen here. Her scarf is bigger but the same colour as mine and we’re both wearing a hooded duffle coat with toggles.

How I wish I had gone with these boots I had on the other day (outfit seen here) that I honestly came oh-so-close to putting on but then put on my walking shoes instead because we were going for a pretty long walk. And believe it or not, I was wearing my jeans rolled up like hers with my boots just the other day!

Source: The Sartorialist

I’m not writing this to be braggy, but to express my glee at the thought that if The Sartorialist and I had crossed paths on the day I wore this outfit, he might have considered my outfit Sartorialist worthy. And I’m certain that photo would not have included a trash can behind me, as the one I got did!

Many people have today off, so I hope you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I’ll be back later with my usual Food Friday post … Asparagus and Sauteed Mushroom Crepes, with a cheese sauce. Yum.

xo loulou

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4 Responses to Close But Yet So Far

  1. Liesl says:

    You are wearing a very similar outfit, love it! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Hope you have aWonderful Weekend and Happy Easter!!! :)

  2. Victoria says:

    Really? My blog is one of your favourites! Oh this totally made my day <3 thank you so much blogger friend ;)!! I love The Sartorialist he is great and I love he takes all ages and styles, Do you know Advance style? I really like that one too is this guy in NY taking photos of woman above 60 and they all look amazing! style is style no matter what age you have I believe :) I kind of start coping a bit I'm taking phots of people in Brighton, people dress very creative I'm doing photo of the day and posting every day in my facebook if you want to check them:
    or in my blog this ones where from last week:
    I found street style and I'm really enjoying taking this shoots :) Hope you like them and hope you have a nice easter weekend. xx
    P.S= My hubby is the same he is rubbish at taking photos sometimes we even argue a little becaues I'm such a control freak! haha He is getting better Though. Love your look is the sort of thing I will wear everyday! I like comfortable fashion :)

  3. Victoria says:

    Wow! I just realize my comment looks more like a letter, sorry about that ;)

  4. Elle Sees says:

    i would freak out and tell everyone if that happened!!

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