Cardamom Latte at Home – No Fancy Equipment Needed

easy homemade lattes with cardamom

Last fall, during this trip to Kensington Market, Nick and I were browsing around House of Spice, when I noticed some small bags of ground Cardamom, a spice we’d never bought before. Remembering the delicious Cardamom Latte I’d tasted at another favourite spot in the market, Fika Cafe, I popped one into our basket.

When we got home and opened it up, we were struck by the intense aroma of the stuff. I realized that a little of it goes a long way, which was the reason it was packaged in such small quantities. I would say that Cardamom is an acquired taste and might not be for everyone, but if you like Chai you already know you like it, because it’s a big component of that.

It’s a spice predominantly used in Indian cooking, but is also often used in baking in Nordic countries.

Mmmm cake … oops, sorry … having a Homer Simpson moment out loud.

I immediately got onto making this Pear and Cardamom Upside-Down Cake. It was mind-blowing for the dessert lover in me, with the cardamom flavour popping right out. So good!

I subsequently added half a teaspoon to the recipe for my now go-to Apple Cake, discussed (pre-cardamom) in this post. It was an excellent modification of the recipe which I’ll repeat whenever I make this cake.

But, of course, we don’t eat cake everyday, so I’ll get on with what this post is actually about … Making a latte at home that’s seasoned with the flavour of cardamom.

homemade latte with cardamom no special tools required

I’ve been making myself one of these a couple of times a week, which is a testament to how delicious they are.

AND easy! Making one requires no fancy equipment — If you have a way to make a good strong cup of coffee and a jar with a tightly closing lid, you’re good to go. Well, you also need a stove or a microwave oven but I’ll assume you have either of those.







Note, this method of homemade latte making can also be used to make a plain (non-cardamom) drink too.



Go on, treat your sleep-over guests with a latte in the morning!

Thanks for dropping over.  I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou

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A Winter Walk in Kensington Market


This is Kensington Market, an area that we go to all the time, to get vegetables and fruit, spices and international ingredients. There’s a shop representing most every nationality, tucked somewhere in the tightly packed streets. It’s been a market area for over a hundred years.

It’s not only food here though; you can also find awesome vintage clothing, used record, army surplus, independent restaurants, bars and cafes.

Also, above and in between the stores are homes … lots of people live in the neighbourhood too.

It’s a great and popular place, and we certainly are not alone in our love for Kensington.

Regular visitors to my blog will have seen quite a bit of this part of town in pictures before because it’s so picturesque, but while I’ve shown you what it looks like in spring (here), summer (here) and autumn (here), I noticed that I’ve never shown it in the wintertime, when things are covered in snow.

In fact, an image search indicates that very few people, if any at all, have posted pictures of the area during the winter. If you didn’t know otherwise, you might think that the market closes down when the going gets cold. I’m here to show you otherwise!

















No matter how gray the weather there is still lots of colour to be found in Kensington Market.

Thank you for taking a look.
xo loulou

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